kind words


“Within an hour she was able to help me understand and let go of something that had been bothering me for over 40 years.

Working with Kristen has been amazing! Within an hour she was able to help me understand and let go of something that had been bothering me for over 40 years.

I would recommend Kristen because she is extremely knowledgeable, intuitive, and sensitive to one’s needs.

Thank you Kristen for helping me achieve peace of mind.”

~ Tamara (Breakthrough Client)

“Every single day I continue to use my tools that Kristen has revealed to me so I may find that lighter, happier, loving life I deserve.

Finding myself in a state of empty after several larger life challenges presented themselves to me… like a club house sandwich, all piled so high I was unable to bite into it without everything falling apart…

There in I made a decision to say yes to not continuing alone, and therein I somehow found the courage to reach out to Kristen Carrington to aid me in making my change.

This meant committing to putting effort into an area of my being that was out of my comfort zone.

Kristen intuitively saw when I was challenged and perhaps even in denial, and continued to guide me with encouragement helping to foster my journey while tasking me to do the work.

I have learned so much about myself and others and have been equipped with resources within myself that make life better.

For anyone needing help finding their resources within themselves, that perhaps may be buried underneath challenges…making the connection with Kristen will be a gift you will treasure always.


~ Shauneen (Private Coaching Client)

"I am truly grateful for Kristen's ability to shift my thinking in a way that has me showing up with absolute conviction in achieving my goals

Kristen has helped me gain much-needed clarity and confidence around my business and personal goals.

She was able to effectively target and resolve what was holding me back, allowing me to easily tap into my full potential.

She is knowledgeable and kind and creates a space where healing and growth are light and approachable.

~ Carrie (Breakthrough Client)

“Having the support and guidance from Kristen’s unique approach has been life changing for me and one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever given myself.

I am truly grateful for this experience and highly recommend Kristen as a life coach and guide. I didn’t realize where I was blocked in certain areas of my life and what she has done is help to bring it to light to remove the blocks to assist me to see clearly and make real positive change and strides forward. I have embraced and applied her techniques and I have so much hope and excitement for my future which I may have never had if I hadn’t received her endless encouragement, patience and expertise. Thank you, Kristen!”

~ Stephanie (Private Coaching Client)

"My heart is back in action! It is beyond words.

I’m feeling like I’m starting to live the life I’m supposed to be living.

And you, Kristen, are a major part of this transformation.

Words can’t express the gratitude I feel.

~ Lorne (Breakthrough Client)