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Eliminate Perfectionism and Grow Authentically

Have you ever experienced the perfect day? When the sun is shining, the sky is blue and the temperature is the perfect temperature for you. The sound of birds chirping, the warm light breeze blowing, and delicious nourishing food that feels satisfying to eat. The kind of day that you

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Woman reaching out to a friend when freaking out

5 Actions To Take When You Are Freaking Out

Standing in the Veterinarian’s office I had just received the news… My cat, Tux, has “severe gum disease”—poor kitty.    And the dental bill could cost upwards of $2000!!! Ahh!! Ok, Kristen, breathe. Tears start to fill my eyes. I’m already starting to feel like a failure as a cat

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woman with hand over heart feeling empowered

3 Tips To Shift From Surviving to Empowering

Do you notice yourself getting defensive about a lot of things? When stressors arise do you hide, explode in anger or end up stuck in loops of self-sabotage? Why does it feel like each time you take a step forward you seem to fall back into old patterns?  These are

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