meet coach Kristen


NLP Master Practitioner & Hypnotherapist

It took me 18 years, and trying many different approaches, to realise that I was living in survival mode.

I started therapy at age 14. Growing up, the challenges and traumas I experienced shaped my ability to handle life. I didn’t have the awareness or tools to deal very well. Even while going to therapy I always got to a certain point and then plateaued. We talked about my past, yet it felt like I could never get quite deep enough. I still had the root of my pain lodged inside of me like a monster controlling my life from the shadows.

The difficulty was that I spent most of my life pretending everything was “just fine” because I was ashamed of not actually being ok. I was terrified of being alone and felt unworthy of love. I was hiding. I was also high functioning so unless you had an eye for this sort of thing you would never know I had a secret life of depression, addiction, and anxiety.

Working with my own NLP coach and experiencing my life-changing Breakthrough I was able to trust myself again, feel alive again, and regain connection with my unconscious mind.

I had healed so much and yet without deeper acknowledgment, some of the main concerns that had continually bothered me (money, irregular eating habits, perfectionism, self-doubt), the old survival programs seemed to come up each time I stepped into the unknown and made changes in my life.

I had 2 coaches tell me that I was still living in survival mode. I finally listened after the second one.

The truth is, I had spent most of my life in survival mode, I did not know how to thrive. My self-image needed to change to fit who I was growing into. The internal story. The limiting beliefs about my self-worth needed an upgrade. In my daily habits, psychology, and physiology, I was operating in an old paradigm that was not serving me.

Thank goodness for awareness. That is the first step. I am grateful for the mentors and practitioners I have worked with along my path. Always growing, the lessons and skills I practice continue to shape who I am today.

I believe with all of my heart that we cannot heal alone. And we cannot become aware of our blind spots by ourselves. It takes an expert with experience to go beyond and help you connect deeply.

I know what thriving looks, sounds and feels like now. Though without guidance and support, I would still be living in survival mode.

I know so many women who are hiding from the joy of life because they are in pain, stuck in perfectionism, and using old coping mechanisms, not knowing these are the same things that are now limiting them from being seen, heard, and fulfilled.

I’ve been there and now I am committed to empowering you to discover that there is another way and that you are worth it.

You can explore and expand who you are to truly love life, and feel the joy of being alive.

Because until you choose to experience it differently, you will continue (by default) to be the same.

You need to learn how to thrive, not just overcome the trauma.

Here’s How We Do It…

Survival mode is a safety mechanism that is physiological and psychological, and which impacts many areas of our lives, often without realising what it is or where it stems from. 

And it is not the only way to live. 

Life is a journey and contrast will always exist.  Once we work with the belief that you are safe, capable, worthy, and strong, you have a new foundation to start building a thriving life from the inside out. 

You’ve gotten so far with the conscious methods of therapy and need help with the unconscious program that is still running the show. 

My help is different because the methodology I use addresses the unconscious patterns and beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

This is how we enforce your transformation from being in survival mode to living a happy, healthy, purposeful, and empowered life.